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11:58 pm


Breaking silences

It's far too long since I've written here, so it seems fitting for me to write about something else I've done for the first time in ages. Until about a week ago, I hadn't bought any recorded music for over a decade. Various things came together to change that. First credit must go the marvellous duranorak and her occasional practice of posting cheering pieces of synthpop that I could listen to at work. Then Clare started posting mini-reviews of bands she might like to see at WGT, and I found that listening to the better of them was a good way to get less permanently distracted from work. Finally, I found the Amazon MP3 store and its slight integration into Ubuntu's standard media player. The result is that I seem to have about nine hours of MP3s on my netbook now.

I used to say that I didn't have any musical taste of my own, but just accepted whatever was played around me. I'm not sure I've actually developed any taste, but now I have a little more influence over what I hear.

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