Ben Harris (bjh21) wrote,
Ben Harris

Christmas cake 2008

Even though I didn't get round to making any experimental fruit cakes after February, they served their purpose and the Christmas cake was generally judged a success, so I think I should record what I did before I forget. The basic recipe was the one from the Dairy Book of Home Cooking (second edition, I think), with rather a lot of changes. I replaced the flour with Doves Farm gluten and wheat free flour, and added 15ml of extra milk to make up for its absorbancy. I kept the usual amount of fruit, but varies the mix to fitwhat we had in the cupboards, which were light on raisins and heavy on sultanas. I also included 100g of whole glace cherries (a great success), and some quantity of dried pineapple (not so exciting). I also replaced all of the nuts with ground almonds.


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