Ben Harris (bjh21) wrote,
Ben Harris

Ooh, that looks like being a holiday.

I seem to have accidentally arranged a summer holiday, of a sort. It all started when I realised that I'd miscounted and would be 200km short of a Brevet 3000 award this year (for Audax rides of 100, 150, or 200km totalling 3000km over any period). This obviously wouldn't do, and after scouring the Calender I found a 200km event starting from Arnside Youth Hostel, so I could sensibly spend the nights before and after there.

It seemed a bit silly going all the way to the edge of the Lake District for a single day, so I planned to go up there on the Friday and back on the Monday. Looking at the trains, though, there were no cheap outward tickets on Friday, or even Thursday, and I started to wonder if it might not be easier just to cycle up there. A bit of map-examining later, and I seem to have a plan to do the Mildenhall 200k one Saturday, pack on Sunday, spend Monday to Friday cycling to Arnside, explore the Lakes a bit on Saturday, do the Northern Dales 200k on Sunday, and get the train home on Monday. Should be fun.


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