Ben Harris (bjh21) wrote,
Ben Harris

Castles, Coast and Cornfields (and an extra 50km)

When my alarm clock went off at half past five on Saturday morning, it was very tempting to just go back to sleep. However, that would have meant another "DNS" in my list of Audax results, and one seemed like enough, so I got up, had breakfast, and trundled off to catch the first train to Bury St Edmunds. I got to the start at Bildeston a couple of minutes late, and that was enough to ensure that I didn't see any of the other riders all day. This didn't really matter, since the weather was fine, the terrain gentle, and the winds seemingly always at my back. I'm not sure Orford really counts as "coast" by my standards, but it's the nearest an East Anglian Audax has given me yet.

The calendar ride was only 160km, but I'd arranged to do the rides between Bury St Edmunds station and the start as an extended calendar event, so the whole day was officially a 200k. Of course, I managed to arrive back at Bury just after a train to Cambridge had left, but after 200km, sitting around at the station for an hour somehow didn;t seem all that onerous.


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