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Internet software for the arachnoid cow?
August 11th, 2011
03:21 pm


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What I did on my holidays

I took last week off work because I have far too much leave to use up, and because the tide tables looked good. Before I could take advantage of the latter, though, my parents turned up on Saturday morning. They'd just cycled down from Little Thetford, and having left much of their luggage at my house suggested we go out for a ride somewhere. Happily, I'd been expecting this and was ready to take them on the rather lovely section of LEL 2013 between Haslingfield and Thaxted, and then back to Elsenham for the train home.


On Sunday, we all went down to London to meet Georgina and family at the Hackney Wicked festival. This felt a bit like a urban kind of Strawberry Fair, but with more artists. On Monday, parents were sent off in the general direction of Luton and I got some time to myself again to plan Tuesday.

Tuesday was one of the lowest tides of the year, so my plan was to go and find more grid squares in the Wash. I was somewhat underprepared, and while I got to Hunstanton on time, I managed to leave both my camera bag and the rucksack adaptor for my pannier at home. This meant carrying the pannier in my hand across the sands, and putting it down in the water every time I wanted to take a photo. Being Ortlieb, of course, it at least didn't let any of the water in.

Despite these handicaps, I managed to get to two new grid squares, and to get back home again without drowning. I did end up with a rather painful blister though, so I didn't go out there again on Wednesday as previously planned. I also accidentally left my GPS receiver running on the bus back to King's Lynn, so if you ever need to know what route the number 11 takes, it's here.

<http://bjh21.me.uk/tracks/2011-08-02.html> <http://bjh21.me.uk/pictures/2011-08-02_wash/>

While waiting for my foot to stop complaining, I did some more work on the slightly mad Haskell program that generates maps of connections for Owen's station collection. It now works quite a lot better than it did and is better integrated with the rest of the site maintenance scripts. Adding connection data for all stations will take a little while, but at last West Yorkshire is complete (and the map for Leeds now takes less than a minute to optimise).


Now, back to work.

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