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Internet software for the arachnoid cow?
October 5th, 2011
12:09 am


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As a result of Clare, I've recently found myself helping with the Ramblers' Association's Mystery Walker program, in which they send me a grid reference and I go for a short walk starting there and tell them how it went. A few weeks ago, this took me to Quy Fen, and I noticed some waymarks that were not just inadequate but actually wrong (giving the wrong status for several paths). I reported this to the County Council and got a friendly reply explaining that they'd love to correct the problem but had no money. In the meantime, I'd looked up the council's policy on waymarking on their Web site and noticed that they would provide markers to parishes and volunteers on request. So I volunteered.

Thus, I found myself visiting the council offices on the way to work so that a slightly counfused rights-of-way officer could try to work our whether this strange person from the Internet could be trusted with a pile of waymark disks and a bag of County Council nails. After a generally useful conversation, it turned out I could.

Thus, the next weekend I was back on the paths near Horningsea with the council's signs and nails and my own hammer, along with the knowledge that I was authorised under section 27(5) of the Countryside Act 1968 to erect signposts along those paths. A little while and quite a lot of nettle-stings later, and the waymarks were corrected. I returned the spare disks and nails to the council the next week in the knowledge of a job done, possibly even well.

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