Ben Harris (bjh21) wrote,
Ben Harris

To try to clarify my thoughts, I went to Suffolk.

There, I visited Flo-Ridaz (<>) to see what it was like to drive a Hovercraft, and took Owen and Ian along as well. The experience was an entertaining one, and while I'm still not entirely convinced of the practicality of a hovercraft, I do know that they're a lot of fun.

Hovercraft, having no wheels or keel, can only change their direction of travel by thrusting. Thus, I had expected driving one to resemble playing something like Xpilot or Asteroids. I was wrong, because it a hovercraft you can only turn the craft (and hence change the direction of thrust) by thrusting as well.

I got to drive two Flying Fish hovercraft, a Snapper and a Marlin II. The Snapper was easy to drive and felt very much at home zooming around a small field. The Marlin, despite being only slightly heavier and more powerful, was much more of a handful, and I managed to make enough of a mess of one corner in it to fall off the edge of the track into a ploughed field. On the other hand, it felt like a much more capable craft, one which wouldn't let one down in the middle of, say, the Wash.

Ian and I took quite a lot of pictures. Even after vigorous editing, there are still far to many of them here:



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