Ben Harris (bjh21) wrote,
Ben Harris

The Norfolk Nips 1 and home again

Last Sunday, I caught an early train out to Norwich in order to ride the first of three monthly 100km rides. I managed to get somewhat lost in Norwich, but I made it to the church hall in Hellesdon with time to spare. The weather was perfect and the ride took us pleasantly out to the coast and back, visiting a cafe with nice cake along the way. After refuelluing with soup back at Hellesdon, I set off for an additional 100km ride home.

Cycling from Norwich to Cambridge is slightly annoying because the obvious route is along the A11, which is not the nicest road, espectially between Thetford and Mildenhall where there aren't any parallel roads. To avoid this, I diverted to the north along the B1108, A1065 and B1102. When I'd planned the route, I failed to notice that Google suggested going via Stanford, a Norfolk village that's well known on Geograph for being at the centre of an area that's been closed to the public since 1942.

Still, I got myself some fishcakes and chips (a new standard Audax meal) in Brandon and got home just after 9pm. Next month the second of the Nips.


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